As joined forces, I:CO and SOEX combine a modern vision of circularity with a long standing tradition of over 40 years of experience in the collection, processing, trading and recycling of used textiles and shoes. As part of a strong international network, the SOEX Group is a global player in pioneering textile circularity and driving innovative solutions.

Circular Economy

Almost 150 million tons of clothing and shoes are sold worldwide every year. The majority ends up in landfills or is incinerated instead of being reused or recycled, wasting valuable resources and causing great harm to the environment.

To counteract the negligent handlings of textile waste, we are eager to save as many textiles as we can and create a new value chain for items that seem of no value to others. Our unique I:CO take-back system enables us to collect preloved clothing and shoes directly at their POS and offer a simple, sustainable and economic solution to textile waste. Together with SOEX extensive sorting and recycling services and international trading network we make sure no discarded item is being classified as waste any longer.


We aspire to live in a world that honors true circularity. Where worn clothing and shoes are kept in closed product and material cycles, used over and over again to create new products. Unfortunately, reality is far from perfect. That is why we take great pride in every single item that is kept in the cycle through the work we do every day.


We want to break through the traditional linear supply chain by closing the loop within the textile industry. Driving innovation with a growing network of international partners is at the core of our work. Every piece of clothing and shoes is destined to live through multiple life cycles – and we make sure they do. Every step of the way, we follow the international waste hierarchy and bind ourselves to our strict zero waste policy.


Turning waste into zero waste is a craft. Collection builds the foundation. To save as many clothes and shoes from landfills and incineration as possible, we operate through three collecting streams. Every piece counts!


We have been doing this for a long time and are happy to guide you through your own journey towards circularity. Whether you need help implementing circular processes into your business models or have a special project in mind. We are here to answer your questions!


High quality products through detailed sorting. We offer secondhand goods that satisfy customers and help keep landfills empty.


End-of-Life is debatable. When it comes to textile recycling, we offer state-of-the-art solutions aligned with our requirements for sustainability. As part of a strong partner network, we find the most sustainable use for raw materials. Entering into new collaborations and developing new products is what we are here for.


Not only will we help you gain back storage capacity while generating additional revenue. We will also save valuable resources in the process.


We don’t just sort out. We sort, until there is nothing left to sort. Following the international waste hierarchy, which prioritizes reuse over recycling, we manually inspect every single item of clothing and shoes to give it the second life it deserves.

Sorting for Recycling

Different fibers require different recycling processes. Sorting by material is the first step in successfully defining the right one for each textile. It is also where the issue begins. With our material recognition set-up we’ve got it solved – automatically.