The keywords re-wear, reuse, recycle and research are the pillars of our ‘zero waste’ philosophy. Our goal is to keep 100 percent of used textiles in the production cycle, thus conserving natural resources and reducing waste.

The SOEX Group is a member of the „Gemeinschaft für textile Zukunft (Future of Textiles Association)“ (

Re-Wear – refers to the share of wearable textiles that SOEX sorts into around 500 different second-hand, used clothing products for domestic and foreign markets.

Re-Use – represents the transformation of the collected goods into special products: the sale of single-colour T-shirts and sweatshirts to the clothing rag industry, for example.

Re-Cycle –is the step in which recycled material is gathered from old, unwearable used textiles that are not suitable for reuse. This recycled material is used in industries such as the automotive supplier industry.

Re-Search – describes our enduring dedication to improving our recycling methods for extracting secondary raw materials with the goal of upholding our philosophy to the greatest extent possible.