Transforming Vision into Reality:
For a more sustainable Future of Fashion.

A circular economy means taking responsibility for the products. Our subsidiary I:CO, short for I:Collect, is the global service provider for the in-store collection, re-use and recycling of used textiles and shoes. Since it was founded, in 2009, I:CO has offered an alternative to traditional collection concepts with its global take-back system. The system is just as simple as it is effective: fashion houses and retailers collect in their stores, I:CO plans the logistics and handles the sorting and recycling of the collected goods. The result is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Overview of our services



Wherever they are sold, products should be returned at the end of their life cycle

Consumers can bring their unwanted clothing and unworn shoes to the branches of our retail partners. As a thank you, they will receive incentives such as a discount on their next purchase. Convenient collection boxes are put in place for this purpose. They can be designed according to the partner’s individual wishes. The services provided by the global I:CO take-back system and logistics network is truly unique in the textile industry. At present, we collect in more than 60 countries.



Professional sorting is the basis of a sustainable end-of-life solution for used clothing and shoes

The concept regarding collection and transport to the nearest sorting and recycling centre is individually tailored to the needs of the retail partners. Precise, high-quality sorting and evaluation according to the international waste hierarchy (re-use before recycling) is the hallmark of our selected, certified sorting facilities. Every item of clothing is sorted by hand, and categorised based on its best possible use.

Circular supply chains


A portion of unwanted goods remains in the textile loop: the recovered fibres can be spun into yarn used for the production of new materials.

Fibre is recovered from a portion of the recycled goods. This fibre can be used to create new yarn for textile production, meaning these materials remain in a closed loop. New clothing is made from these recycled fibres. I:CO is working with its partners to develop individual “circle supply chains”, which are designed to help you integrate recycled fibres into your production.


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