Turning the old into something new – SOEX Recycling Germany turns
unwearable used textiles into high-quality secondary raw materials.
The automotive supply industry is just one example of where these materials go.

The Wolfen SOEX plant in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany has been successfully recycling used textiles since 1999. Every year, 11,000 tons of used textiles are mechanically shredded in 24/7 operation to create choice secondary raw materials (mixture of recycled material). These materials are then reprocessed into new products in various industries. Our customers therefore rely on the high quality of our products, the flexibility we demonstrate in our processes and the expertise of our qualified and experienced employees.


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SOEX Recycling Germany GmbH
Holzplatzstraße 2
06766 Bitterfeld-Wolfen

Tel: +49 3494 65 19-0
Email: recycling-germany@soex.de*

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