About Us

I:CO and SOEX – A strong alliance built on a symbiosis of a modern vision and long standing tradition


SOEX relies upon its rich expertise, transparency, high ambitions, quality products and innovative recycling methods. The company feeds off an entrepreneurial ethic, whose pillars are high-quality collection services for used textiles, ste of the art sorting methods for the collected goods, global marketing and used clothing trade, processing of unwearable used textiles into secondary raw materials, trading and recycling innovation. All backed by a strong international partner network.


I:CO, short for I:Collect, is a respected global solutions provider and innovator for collection, reuse and recycling of used clothing and shoes. The scale of I:CO’s worldwide take-back system and logistics network is unique in the textile industry. I:CO supports retailers and fashion brands in their ambitions to take on product responsibility and helps to implement circular models tailored for individual businesses.


SOEX Processing Middle East FZE is the youngest SOEX subsidiary. The plant is located in the United Arab Emirates in the Emirate of Sharjah.

In this processing plant, about 500 employees are involved in sorting and processing up to 140 tons of new & used textiles and shoes per day in our 30,000 m2 facility.

We offer tailor-made services according to the needs of the industry and retail of end-of-line goods, write-offs, overstock, and leftovers as well as for returned goods and goods with manufacturing defects or expired licenses. We are also involved in the recycling of unwearable used textiles and shoes for processing into secondary raw materials or yarn-to-fiber and yarn-to-yarn.


SOEX was founded in 1977 – what followed is a long history of successes and development that is still ongoing. We have not yet finished growing and are excited to continue our journey.


Foundation of SOEX

SOEX begins its history as a trading company for cars and textiles.


Acquisition of EFIBA

The company decides to deepen its roots in the textile industry and expands into international markets. At the same time, SOEX acquires the German company EFIBA, which initiated nationwide street collections for used textiles. The takeover enables SOEX to benefit from decades of expertise in the collection and logistics of garments and shoes.


Sorting facility in Wolfen starts its operations

Only a year after starting construction on the biggest textile sorting and recycling facility, the sorting begins. In its field, the breakthrough makes SOEX the number one company in the world. Quickly, the number of employees rises from 150 to 360 within a year


Launch of the recycling set-up in Wolfen

To save resources and increase recovery rates, SOEX launches its high performance recycling plant. Non wearable garments are processed into insulation materials. The set-up runs almost continuously throughout the year and processes approximately 11,000 tons annually.


Acquiring Retextil

With the acquisition of Retextil, which specializes in commercial collection, SOEX further expands its collection activities and thus its market leadership.


Foundation of I:Collect

The recycling approach is rethought, as the company collects where clothing is purchased and offers consumers incentives with shopping vouchers to return the products to the cycle. This minimizes resource consumption, protects the environment and enables sustainable consumption.


2016 Sorting facility in U.A.E. starts its operations

With a growing network of international partners through I:CO’s take-back program, SOEX launches its second sorting facility in Sharjah, U.A.E. to raise productivity and efficiency.


Launch of the Sorting for Recycling set-up in Wolfen

By commissioning an infrared sorting station with material and color recognition at its plant in Wolfen, SOEX intends to continue to focus on sorting for recycling – and drive up the recycling rate together with the fashion industry.