February 9, 2023 Circular Projects, New Partnership

Ahrensburg, December 2022
I:CO is expanding its cooperation with the fashion company Tally Weijl. Together, the companies will collect worn clothing throughout Europe and give it a second life. From the beginning of 2023, customers will be able to drop off discarded clothing and shoes in all Tally Weijl shops on a daily basis as part of the in-store take-back system, not only in Switzerland but also in France. Over the course of 2023, further shops in other EU countries will be added. Shoes and clothes in any condition and of any brand will be accepted. For the returned items, customers receive a 10 per cent voucher on their next purchase. In addition, Tally Weijl also installed I:CO collection boxes in their Basel headquarters to collect textile remnants and old samples. For I:CO, this partnership is a further step to provide consumers around the world with a free, easy and sustainable solution to dispose of garments in a meaningful way and safe them from incineration and landfills. Together, I:CO and Tally Weijl want to keep 100 per cent of used textiles in the product cycle through extensive sorting and recycling rocesses – thus conserving resources and avoiding waste. In this way, the SOEX Group is making a valuable contribution to reducing textile waste and helping the environment.

With the in-store take-back system, I:CO and Tally Weijl not only provide a convenient solution for the sustainable disposal of clothing, but also draw attention to the value of worn clothing. Because raw materials such as old clothes are a valuable resource that should not simply be thrown away senselessly, but sensibly recycled instead. The collected and sorted clothes are given a second life either on the secondhand market or through recycling, thus conserving valuable resources. Together with its partners, I:CO is gradually building up a worldwide network of collection points based on the take-back system. Currently, the equivalent of a truckload of clothes is still burnt or buried in a landfill every second. To combat this waste of valuable resources, I:CO relies on collaborations with strong industry partners such as fashion company Tally Weijl and other key industry partners to work together to promote the circular economy in the sector.

About Tally Weijl
Tally Weijl is a Swiss textile retail company based in Basel. The company was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to the latest trends – regardless of their budget. „We are proud to make a valuable contribution to greater sustainability by working with I:CO to conserve resources and reduce textile waste,“ the company comments. As a successful, internationally operating modern company, Tally Weijl is now represented in 39 countries with more than 800 stores worldwide, making it an important partner for I:CO.