November 10, 2023 SOEX-Group

Ahrensburg, November 2023: SOEX is now called SOEX Textil-Verwertungsgesellschaft instead of Textil-Vermarktungsgesellschaft. With the approval of the advisory board, the company has changed its name as of November 1, 2023. The SOEX Group is pleased to announce that after years of focusing on the reuse and recycling of used textiles, the company is now changing its name to reflect its role as an established recycler on the market. The focus of the company’s activities is not on marketing the collected textiles, but on recycling these important resources. Every activity of the SOEX Group is strictly aligned with the waste hierarchy. The reuse of textiles in their original form is the top priority, followed by recycling.

The SOEX Group can already look back on over 35 years of experience in the collection and recycling of used textiles and has been able to establish itself as a strong partner in the recycling market over the years. The SOEX Group will now expand this role even further and prepare for future developments on the market together with its partners. The amended Waste Framework Directive from 2025 presents the textile industry with a new challenge, which the SOEX Group believes it is well equipped to meet thanks to its many years of experience, investments in new innovations and strong cooperation partners: The amended framework directive provides for mandatory separate textile collection for all member states. For the SOEX Group, this means an increase in goods, as more textiles that were previously disposed of in residual waste will be collected. This development represents an opportunity for the SOEX Group to sort even more clothing that is no longer wearable for subsequent recycling processes so that no valuable resources are wasted.

In addition, the amendment to the Waste Framework Directive will make manufacturers more accountable. Anyone who produces or sells clothing and textiles in the EU must ensure that these textiles are properly and professionally recycled at the end of their life. By optimizing collection processes and investing in recovery and recycling, the SOEX Group has been looking ahead for years to ensure that its cooperation partners are prepared for this new development and that even more clothing can be collected together in the future – clothing that can then be reused or returned to the cycle as a raw material. The change of name also allows the SOEX Group to be even more formally recognized on the market as an experienced recycler.