Turning waste into zero waste is a craft.
Collection builds the foundation.

To save as many clothes and shoes from landfills and incineration as possible, we operate through three collecting streams. Every piece counts!

Collecting with charities

In cooperation with charitable organizations, we collect tonnes of used textiles and shoes every year. We purchase these items by the kilo from our charitable business partners, thus turning material donations into cash donations and financing a number of projects by non-profit organizations.

Street Collection

Through commercial and municipal collections, we create convenient and sustainable ways to dispose of unwanted garments and shoes – and save pieces that might otherwise go directly to waste. SOEX complies with all statutory regulations and offers individual logistics and collection services.

I:CO Take-Back System

The take-back system offers a resource-efficient and economical solution and is as simple as it is effective. Fashion houses and retailers collect pre-loved clothing and shoes from their customers in their stores or online. I:CO then helps organize the logistics, sorting and transfer of the items to the various recycling loops. Consumers bring in their used clothing or shoes directly to the participating stores and are given a reward incentive. Collection can be carried out using collection bins individually designed according to the partner’s wishes.