What exactly does SOEX do with
unwearable used textiles? We process them!

We give tossed goods a new purpose. Used textiles that can no longer be worn make up around 30 per cent of the goods received by SOEX. Simply disposing of these items would be a waste of valuable resources. To prevent this waste, SOEX sells a portion of the goods to the rag industry. An additional portion is shredded and turned into secondary raw materials (mixture of recycled material) in our in-house recycling plant.

SOEX takes great pains to get the most out of these materials, right down to the dust that accumulates when producing the recycled material: this dust is pressed into briquettes and later used in the cardboard industry. Thanks to these efforts, we were able to reduce waste in recent years and put our ‘zero waste’ philosophy into practice. Anything that cannot be processed or recycled is disposed of properly according to legal provisions.