End-of-Life is debatable. When it comes to textile recycling, we offer state-of-the-art solutions aligned with our requirements for sustainability. As part of a strong partner network, we find the most sustainable use for raw materials. Entering into new collaborations and developing new products is what we are here for.

Closed Loop Recycling

We strive towards solutions that turn non-wearable textiles directly into new ones. Keeping products in the loop, reusing them for the production of clothing and shoes over and over again. Though not every material is yet fully recyclable, we meet the technical and material-specific challenges of this core competency through our active collaborations with various partners on transformational projects. We value our strong network of innovators that work tirelessly with us on solutions and techniques to recycle materials and textiles for which there are currently no sufficient and satisfactory solution.

Automated Recognition Set-Up Enables Sorting For Recycling In Wolfen-Bitterfeld

Open Loop Recycling – Various Industries

Once garments have undergone our extensive sorting procedure and are deemed non-reusable, we organize the industrial recycling of so-called Post Consumer Waste (PCW) through our in-house mechanical recycling setup. The recycled fibres are reused for products in various industries. At present, the majority of fibres are made into insulation material for the automotive and construction industries. Moreover, we conduct “Circularity Projects” with partners to explore other recycling options and are continuously working on further developing our products and preparing our fibers in such a way that we will be able to achieve a fiber-to-fiber approach in the future. Already, we produce certified recycled fibers from previously defined material compositions and colors.

Mechanical Recycling Set-Up in Wolfen-Bitterfeld

Shoe Recycling

We proudly host the world’s first shoe recycling plant independently developed by SOEX in Wolfen, Germany. The machine enables us to mechanically disassemble all shoe types into their components, deriving usable secondary raw materials. Generated as granules and powders throughout the recycling process, materials can be used to manufacture new products. Together with our external partner network, we are constantly tapping into new applicable areas of reuse, from furniture to playground floorings.

Shoe Recycling Set-Up in Wolfen-Bitterfeld