We don’t just sort out.
We sort, until there is nothing left to sort.

Following the international waste hierarchy, which prioritizes reuse over recycling, we manually inspect every single item of clothing and shoes to give it the second life it is deserves.

To us, processing means responsibly turning used textiles and shoes into second-hand goods to be sold worldwide. The experts at our facilities in Wolfen, Germany and Sharjah, United Arab Emirates inspect the used textiles in multiple manual steps according to up to 400 criteria.

When it comes to our take-back and re-value partners, the procedure of collection and transport to the nearest sorting and recycling facility is individually tailored to the needs and processes of the retail partner – in more than 60 countries. Precise, high-quality sorting and evaluation is the hallmark of our selected, certified sorting facilities. Every item of clothing and pair of shoes is sorted by hand and categorized based on its next best possible use.

In Germany and abroad, we sort the collected goods following the five-step waste hierarchy: prevention, reuse and preparation for reuse, recycling, recovery, disposal. By putting this hierarchy into practice, we are able to live up to our ‘zero waste’ philosophy.